iLEX skin protectant

Proven protection for excoriated skin

Just a quick note to say what a great product the iLex Paste is. I suffered from Ulcerative Colitis for years, had my bowel removed in 2008 and had an ileostomy / bag for 6 years. I recently had an ileo anal pouch (reversal) completed in January. The operation has been very successful but the soreness / rash ‘down below’ was unbelievable, I could hardly walk at times and every steroid / nappy rash / anti fungal cream etc supplied by the doctor would hardly touch it. The samples of ILex cream gave almost instant relief, that good after one application I did 20 miles on my road bike! Have ordered a tube and look forward to it being available on prescription. Thanks.
IP, Manchester, UK

"I had a j-pouch for over 13 years and nearly all that time, I had a problem with leakage and skin breakdown. On very bad days, nothing helped the pain and I couldn’t even walk. I tried iLEX and expected it to be just as effective as all the others- meaning not very. I can still remember the first time I applied it. What a liberating feeling! No more excruciating pain! I wasted years not being able to do things before I found iLEX. It has made my life so much happier."
KS - California

"Your product is FANTASTIC! And a good send to those with pouches. As I said to others, iLEX is the KING of barrier creams. The first time I tried it, I was in heaven."
KS - Vermont
"After using iLEX for the first time, I wanted to shout from the rooftops! I pray for everyone out there with fecal incontinence will discover your product. I now have my life back."
TR - Louisiana
"Bless you for this product, I would love to know why it is so magical!"
MK - Oregon
"I swear by iLEX. The first day I found relief, and by day 3 I was all healed. I keep tubes of iLEX stashed everywhere, at home, at work, and in my car. Thank you!"
MK - Michigan
"Post surgery I was going to the bathroom 40+ times a day. The pain was unbearable. The nurses tried every cream. I had to use a washcloth to clean around my anal area and it was so painful that I cried each time. iLEX made a huge difference."
TS - Canada
"I discovered your miracle ointment while doing research on the internet. My skin has complete breakdown with open wounds and bleeding. I had immediate results. I could not believe how fast my skin healed. My doctors office has ordering samples from you. Life is worth living again!"
RT - California
"We tried everything known to man. Nothing worked. I will be honest, I thought your product would be like the rest., however it started working right away and in a week the rash was almost gone. I cannot begin to tell you how good it works. Thanks for you assistance in helping my son, You are truly a life saver"
J&M - Florida
"I want to tell you how much our family LOVES iLEX. Believe me we have tried every product imaginable. Then the doctor ‘s office recommended iLEX. With all the other products out there, iLex is the ONLY product that worked perfectly. My nieces bottom is no health and the surgeon was truly amazed"
B. O'C - Wisconsin
"My son had no control over his bowel movements after his first surgery. It was so sore and red and he was in excruciating pain. It was heartbreaking to see him suffer. The nurse suggested iLEX. It worked wonders on him. Thank you for making such a remarkable product."
BT - Connecticut
"My son has his colon removed when he was a year old. He stooled every 10 minutes and his bottom bled with each diaper change. We tried everything and nothing worked. The Hirschsprungs Association suggested iLex. Within one night he was better. His bottom was as white as snow and even though he has 30 BM’s a day, he has no pain. You gave me back my sanity! My son is 8 years old now and still asks for his iLex."
BR - Ohio
"I do not have the right words to express how grateful I am to have this cream called iLex. It is the only product that has helped my daughter’s bleeding perianal area. iLex is a much and essential for any child with short bowel syndrome. It is an incredible and wonderful cream."
JB - Texas
"From reading about other children facing pull through surgery, we are preparing for our son’s surgery and iLex will be the answer to our foreseeable fecal rash problems."
CR - Australia
"What a miracle cream! Mom is finally pain free. We saw immediate results. I even used it on my son’s exzema and I use is on my nose when I’m in the sun."
KD - Utah

Baby EL was born in January 2011. From birth he had problems with constipation which led to a somewhat delayed diagnosis in July of Hirschsprungs disease.

The mother had a previous history of post natal depression, and was therefore at risk of developing, plus the added concerns this time of having a sick child and needing to go back to work full time.

In September Baby EL had a pull through operation and developed a red inflammed peri-anal rash which Mum was having difficulty coping with despite several recommendations of barrier creams.
The nurse specialist at the hospital recommended a trial of iLex cream and an immediate improvement was seen.

Not only was this beneficial for EL but had a positive effect on his mother who was struggling with her emotions and her son's physical needs.

This was a successful intervention helping the family as a whole.

Kim Badcock
Nurse Practitioner
Denmead Health Centre

Our son was born in December 2007 and had surgery at four days old to investigate a blockage in his bowel. After biopsies confirmed Hirschsprung's Disease, he had pull through surgery at 6 months and stoma reversal at 10 months old. Recurrent enterocolitis meant daily bowel washouts for a period. He suffered occasional bouts of nappy rash and we tried all the standard barrier creams - metanium, medihoney and orabase paste to name a few. They would all work to some extent unless the skin started to break down. In May 2010 he had a Botox injection and we stopped doing regular bowel washouts. The perianal skin became severely excoriated after a second Botox injection in July. Barrier creams would just not adhere to the skin and we tried all sorts of concoctions - mixing orabase with vaseline for example. Our son was in hospital every few weeks and every nappy change was a real ordeal. He started to withhold stool in an understandable reaction to the pain. His consultant surgeon recommended reopening his ileostomy, but cautioned that it would be a difficult operation and an ileostomy may bring its own issues. We redoubled our efforts to heal the skin and obtained some samples of iLex paste after reading recommendations on a Hirschsprung's support forum. The big difference is that iLex adheres to weeping or broken skin. After using it for just three days we saw a marked improvement in the condition of the perianal skin. Now nearly a year further on, a combination of repeat Botox injections, toilet training and iLex have helped our son avoid a major operation to open an ileostomy. Without the iLex we would not have been able to break the cycle of stool withholding and constipation. Now that our son's perianal skin has healed we only need to use the iLex occasionally if we notice any soreness.

by Katrina from Oxford

Saved our lives! My newborn infant developed several small open areas on his bottom. Regular nappy creams were not working because they would not stick to the raw skin like iLex does. iLex covered the area so it could heal. Make sure you have Vaseline to go with it...instructions say to cover iLex with the vaseline to keep it from sticking to the nappy. The areas started healing in 2 days!

by Cindy from Rochester

Nine month old boy with Hirschprung’s admitted for reversal of stoma.

Mum had been preparing child’s bottom post procedure as instructed.

On day two post op patient started passing faeces via his rectum. Faeces were loose, and by day three bottom had become very red. Honey was used for nappy area but by day four child was screaming each time his bowels opened. Skin had become excoriated causing upset to the child and family.

iLex cream applied with layer of petroleum jelly on top, which appeared to instantly sooth the child. Within twelve hours results could be seen with skin changing from angry red to pink. Child settled in himself and parents more at ease. After twenty four hours, although child continued to have loose stools, patients skin was pink and healthy and child showed no discomfort when bowels opened.

Child began taking normal intake of food and was discharged with the week. Mum took iLex home with her.

Parents returned to ward two weeks later to thank use for the cream and to say they had managed to gain a supply from Oakmed but they feel strongly that this should be available to all patients who are undergoing the procedure.

Julie Jolly
Ward Manager, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
RN Child
Stoma Lead