iLEX skin protectant

Proven protection for excoriated skin

ILEX Instructions for Use

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ILEX Instructions for Use
ILEX SKIN PROTECTANT is a topical skin barrier that forms a totally occlusive barrier against body fluids. It has a 0.00% moisture penetration rate (MPR).
General Instructions For Use
Ilex provides an effective barrier against urinary and faecal incontinence. ILEX does not contain alcohol or latex and will adhere to weeping tissues without discomfort. Ilex may be used in conjunction with prescribed topical agents such as antifungal and antibacterial treatments.

  1. Before commencing Ilex gently clean the wound as directed by the Health Care Professional or protocol.
  2. Apply any other treatment if required (such as antifungal or antibacterial powder/cream)
  3. Apply a thin coating of Ilex over the entire wound needing protection. You should still be able to see through the layer of Ilex to the skin below. Allow to dry for 30 seconds.
  4. In areas where the Ilex may stick to clothing or other material apply a good coating of petroleum jelly over the IIex and surrounding skin

IMPORTANT - A coating of petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) should be applied over Ilex when used in the perianal area to prevent the bottom and/or nappy from sticking. Do not forcibly try to remove Ilex that has adhered to the skin.

  1. When cleansing in the perianal area, only the stool should be wiped off using cotton wool or soft cloth and water leaving the Ilex intact. You may reapply additional Ilex if required, then reapply petroleum jelly. This procedure will minimise any trauma to the already broken skin.
  2. The Ilex should only be removed once a day – to remove use a soft cloth with a good amount of mineral oil/ baby oil or water and mild soap.

Note: Removing Ilex more often or without the use of mineral oil/baby oil may inhibit the healing process and lead to further skin breakdown

Instructions for use – G-tubes, Faecal, Fistula, Wound exudate etc:

  1. Clean the surrounding areas as directed by the Health Care Professional or protocol
  2. Apply prescribed medication to the wound if required
  3. Apply a layer of Ilex over the area, followed by a coating of petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline)
  4. Apply secondary dressing
  5. To remove Ilex (maximum once a day) use a soft cloth and mineral oil/baby oil or water and a mild soap.

Instructions for Use – Ostomy Care

  1. Clean the peristomal skin as directed by the Stoma Care nurse or protocol
  2. Apply a light layer of Ilex on the area requiring treatment
  3. Cut the appliance aperture/ template to the outside edge of the Ilex. Ilex will provide an occlusive barrier so will protect the area of clearance between the stoma and the appliance wafer, thus preventing the digestive enzymes to come in contact with the skin. If the Ilex needs to be used beyond the perimeter of the stoma an adhesive spray should be applied over the Ilex to assist with the adherence of the appliance.
  4. Reapply a layer of Ilex at each appliance change. Do not forcibly attempt to remove any remaining residue of Ilex on the excoriated area. This residue should be left in place so as not to damage the skin.
  5. When wanting to completely remove Ilex use a soft cloth and mineral oil/ baby oil.

HOW SUPPLIED:                     
Ilex Skin Protectant is supplied in flexible tubes of 20 x 7g (Order code IPH) or 1 x57g (Order code: IP51) or 227g jar (Order code IPT50)
Store at room temperature. Ingredients remain stable when exposed to air.